How Hiking Regularly Can Bring You Closer to God

| June 8, 2017

People hike in order to stay fit and healthy. They don’t mind walking long distances as long as they can achieve their fitness goals. Aside from staying healthy, hiking also brings you closer to God. If you are a religious person, this is your chance of strengthening your faith even more. Being one with nature […]

Why Clean Water is a Blessing from God

| November 2, 2016

People rely on clean drinking water to survive. They say that you can survive for three weeks with no food, but only three days without water. Certainly, without water, human beings cannot survive. Fresh water is a vital resource and when polluted, can be devastating not only to human health but also to the environment. […]

Why God Wants You to Take Care of your Garden

| April 14, 2016

Amongst all the beautiful creations of God, nature seems to top it all, offering unlimited resources to mankind since time immemorial. With an array of flowers, trees and small living beings forming an essential part of nature, one often wonders what good mankind did to deserve such a blessing from the Almighty. Owning your very […]

What the Bible Says About Sleep

| September 5, 2015

Although sleep seems like an unnecessary daily ritual you have to go through, it actually does the you good, recharging your mind and your body especially after a highly stressful day. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to take on the next day quite as well. Maybe you do know that you need sleep, but sleep […]

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